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Being a woman is complex and extraordinary, as is wellness. Unfortunately, wellness has generally been approached through a male-centered lens, leaving women's wellness in particular, widely mismanaged and misunderstood.  With the ebbs and flows experienced in cycles, phases, and seasons, it can be very difficult to find balance. 

Traditional therapy missed the mark with its outdated ideas like 'penis envy' (insert BIG eyeroll). Let's be real – the constant, systemic oppression of women/femmes—whether big or small— is a big barrier in accessing holistic support. That's where personalized care comes in. I strongly embrace feminist therapy through a reproductive justice lens, challenging traditional therapeutic approaches that often overlook or minimize the unique experiences and perspectives of women+femmes. By providing counseling, education, exploration, and resources, I empower you to find and maintain alliance of well-being and reproductive health.

meet Kelsey

Along with my formal education/training, my own healing process has directly inspired my professional practice. Having dealt with systematic challenges related to reproductive health, impacting both physical and emotional well-being, and navigating barriers to person-centered care, even within the field of therapy: here I am. By offering a feminist and reproductive wellness informed approach to overall well-being, I aim to strengthen your self awareness, acceptance, and confidence so you feel better equipped to navigate life's challenges.

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I utilize insight from both psychology (i.e., the study of the mind and behaviors) and social work (i.e., the understanding of human development, behavior, as well as, the social, economic, and cultural institutions and interactions) perspectives to guide my clinical practice. I actively engage in both woman-centered and reproductive health centered continuing education. 

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Outside of my therapy practice, one can find me doing introverted things, such as, spending way too much time (and having way too many conversations) with my 3 furry creatures, making stained glass art, reading fiction novels, and dabbling/committing to/abandoning all sorts of different hobbies. 

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