Pregnancy, whether planned or unplanned, is often accompanied by a rollercoaster of emotions. In the midst of this emotional experience, comes a choice (i.e., parenting, adoption, or abortion). Here at Aligyned Counseling, we believe that the choice is yours, and we are with you. The decision to release a pregnancy (i.e., abortion) is rarely an easy one—nor is it always your preferred choice. Even if you are certain abortion is the best option for you, as with any significant life event, the thoughts and emotions that arise can be complex and contradictory. No matter what comes up for you, all of it is valid. Experiences, especially pivotal ones, are always unique, rarely linear, and eternally evolving. Because of this, seeking support to navigate what emerges with releasing pregnancy can be essential. Aligyned Counseling is grounded in healing, and utilizes both conventional and alternative therapeutic modalities to assist women before, during, and/or after this journey in both individual or group contexts. For more information on one-on-one counseling:                                   


The incredible characteristics that humans carry alone, can certainly be amplified in a group context. We believe that tapping into our innate wisdom and sharing that collectively with each other, is a missing piece in abortion aftercare. We hope to address this missing piece by offering an abortion support group.



 Virtual.  Groups will occur online—making them easily accessible and convenient.

‣Offered on an as-needed basis. Our weekly groups will occur in the evenings. Once we have at least 4 and no more than 8 interested folx, we will begin the formal registration process. At this time, specific details regarding dates, time, and outline of the group will be sent to group members privately.

‣Closed. A closed group is when all members begin the group at the same time, meaning there will be no new members throughout the duration of the group. This allows for a greater sense of security and for us to meet the immediate needs of each group member.

‣Time-limited. Time-limited groups allow for a structured framework, promoting consistency and reliability. 

‣Cost. $50/group session. Discount package available for upfront payment for all group sessions.

For support group questions and/or to begin the formal registration process:

"When we stand together in sameness, while honoring, respecting, and sharing our own individual strengths,
it's transformative, healing, and magical."



 I'm a licensed clinical social worker and licensed clinical addictions specialist. I received my Master’s Degree from Western Carolina University. Prior to that, I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of North Carolina Wilmington. I utilize insight from both psychology (i.e., the study of the mind and behaviors) and social work (i.e., the understanding of human development, behavior, as well as, the social, economic, and cultural institutions and interactions) perspectives to guide my clinical practice. I recently completed Abortion Doula Training via Mountain Area Abortion Doula Collective and Homegrown Families and actively engage in abortion-related continuing education.

Having experienced an abortion myself, equipped with a steadfast support system, I found that my most valuable interactions occurred in solidarity with other humans who had their own abortion experience(s). I am honored to work with Jen to provide a safe space to support folx in releasing pregnancy with dignity. 




I'm a licensed clinical mental health counselor. I received my Master’s Degree in counseling from Western Carolina University. Prior to that, I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Music Therapy from Radford University. Furthermore, I received training in the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music and am Fellow with the American Music and Imagery Association. Lastly, I am trained in using the Mandala Assessment tool, a fun-to-take projective instrument: I enjoy drawing from all of this training in my work, and always endeavor to find tools that will be most useful to each individual client.


I feel passionate about emotional health in my work, particularly in regards to creating spaces for people to have the chance to express and share their innermost experiences. Having gone through an abortion myself, I believe that more resources and support should be available for anyone going through this often traumatic event. I am excited to work with Kelsey Reep to create spaces for individuals to be witnessed, heard, fully honored, and seen.

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"There is something so special, sacred, fun, deep
(and much more) that transpires between humans when they form supportive relationships.