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"cause if I was a man

then I'd be the man."

We are all faced with the task of aligning with our authentic selves, a journey that is especially challenging for women—we are pressured to fulfill many roles, our decisions are subjected to higher scrutiny, and our right to autonomy is not always in our own hands (i.e., abortion, reproductive rights). In trying to navigate all these moving pieces, we are often overcome by stress, leaving us feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, frustrated, defeated, and inadequate. With all the noise, it becomes difficult to connect with our internal compass and we find ourselves lost.

Therapy often provides people with tools/resources to discover who they truly are. For women, it is equally important to discover and let go of what we are not (the "shoulds", the "coulds", and the "I wish you woulds"). I help women develop a greater sense of self by exploring the who (peeling back the layers to discover your core self), the what (identify your goals and the barriers that are keeping you from them) and the why (process life shaping experiences and clarify your motivations).
I utilize a holistic approach with emphasis on the mind/body/spirit alliance. I empower my clients to find balance among their unique cycles, phases, and seasons.  My clients strengthen their relationship with self, gain more self compassion, confidence, and direction, feeling better equipped to navigate life's transitions and challenges.


Traditional therapy missed the mark with its outdated ideas like 'penis envy' (insert BIG eyeroll). Let's be real – the constant, systemic oppression of women/femmes—whether big or small— silences the very things that make us bold, brave, and beautiful. That's where personalized care comes in. I strongly embrace feminist therapy (i.e. psychotherapy that challenges traditional therapeutic approaches that often overlook or minimize the unique experiences, perspectives, and challenges faced by women+femmes). Let's reject outdated notions and embrace our bold, brave, and beautiful.


✧ Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART)

✦ Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT)

✧ Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)

✦ Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

✧ Feminist

✦ Integrative

✧ Interpersonal

✦ Mindfulness-based

✧ Motivational Interviewing

✦ Polyvagal-informed

✧ Spiritual/Transpersonal

✦ Strengths-based

✧ Subtle Yoga



✧ Anxiety

✦ Boundary setting

✧ Depression

✦ Grief

✧ Personal Growth


✧ Self-esteem

✦ Spirituality

✧ Stress

✦ Trauma

✧ Women's Issues

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