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Holistic Healing in My Half Unfinished, Makes-NO-sense Kitchen Without a Dishwasher

Before therapist, I'm a human on my own healing journey. I utilize a holistic approach to healing inside and outside of the office. Personally, I've been spending quite some time on the body component of wellness, that is deeply interwoven with both mind & spirit. Therapy provides a space to identify, explore, process, etc.; and it's incredibly important to take what you've learned in that space and put it into practice in your everyday life. Here's a short rambling about my journey:

Here I sit in our half unfinished, makes-NO-sense kitchen WITHOUT a dishwasher. The kitchen I complain about A LOT. It’s the only room in our house that hasn’t been redone since the remodel. Anyway, in 2019, I finally began prioritizing my well-being. It’s been a long, slow, journey; but lots of my growth & healing have happened in this half unfinished, makes-NO-sense kitchen WITHOUT a dishwasher. But as I sit here in this half unfinished, makes-NO-sense kitchen WITHOUT a dishwasher, I think about the SCOBY’s I’ve grown & the kombucha I’ve made from scratch. The fresh juice I create along with the veggie broth & dog treats from the pulp. My determination to minimize food waste by beginning a compost journey & other pointed efforts. My (somewhat) successful attempts at growing my own vegetables & herbs. The many different meals I’ve made & enjoyed that are far from southern cuisine (I’ll always be a chicken tender & fries kinda gal-don’t you worry). My ever-evolving relationship with myself & the foods that both nourish & discourage me. I now feel empowered to make informed choices around my well-being inside & outside of this room. All this rambling to say: I’m grateful for this unfinished, makes-NO-sense kitchen WITHOUT a dishwasher. Actually, we have a lot in common. So meet Kelsey (of Kelsey House Restaurant) a half unfinished human who sometimes makes-NO-sense, but she’s a hell of a dishwasher.

Thanks for reading and take good care,



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